DluTwBootstrap updated to ZF2 Beta4

The DluTwBootstrap module facilitating usage of Twitter Bootstrap in Zend Framework 2 applications has been updated to reflect the changes brought by Zend Framework 2 Beta 4.

DluTwBootstrap module

The Form component has been completely rewritten in ZF2 beta4. The DluTwBootstrap module has been updated to support the new Form component(s).
DluTwBootstrap repo

DluTwBootstrap Demo module

The demo part of the DluTwBootstrap module has been separated into its own module. This way it’s easy to quickly disable the demo when not needed yet keep it unobtrusively in your project should you need to check anything or experiment. (Just comment the demo module out in config/application.config.php.)
DluTwBootstrap Demo repo

DluTwBootstrap Demo Application

There is also a new application comprising both the forementioned modules. This application is running on-line for you to quickly see the DluTwBootstrap module in action without the need to install any modules yourself. You can thus decide in seconds if the DluTwBootstrap module is a good fit for your project.
DluTwBootstrap Demo Application LIVE

The source code of the application is also available, but generaly you should not need it as it contains nothing more than the two DluTwBootstrap modules. It might come in handy though as a reference if you are having troubles wiring the modules into your project.
DluTwBootstrap Demo Application repo

ZF2 version

IMPORTANT: The README.md in DluTwBootstrap module states the supported ZF2 version (please see the DluTwBootstrap repo overview and scroll down to ‘Supported versions’). As ZF2 is in beta the code base changes very quickly even in scope of a single version designation (i.e. Beta 4). If the DluTwBootstrap module does not seem to work, check the version of your ZF2 library and update to the version and commit specified in README.md.

Stay tuned

Two things are comming:

  • A proper tutorial for Forms with DluTwBootstrap
  • Support for Navigation elements (menus, buttons, tabs, etc.)

Keep an eye on this blog.